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LST Heavy Liquid comparison

LST Heavy Liquid was originally developed through a research programme between CCC in Australia and AMIRA International Ltd in response to the unacceptable toxicity of organic heavy liquids (TBE, bromoform) and the poor performance of other tungstate heavy liquids.

LST Heavy Liquid is a concentrated solution of lithium heteropolytungstates in water and can reach a density up to 2.95 g/mL at 25oC, and a density of 3.6 g/mL at elevated temperatures. At its optimal working density at 2.85 g/mL, LST heavy liquid has a viscosity of 10 cP and so has less of the viscosity related separation problems associated with the older polytungstates such as SPT.

In practice, LST Heavy Liquid allows faster grain separations and easier filtration. The animation below indicates the increase in grain separation speed and efficiency when using LST Heavy Liquid.

LST animation